Thursday, June 27, 2013

Indian Bike Wash Commercial

Hopefully by now you all know that Indian motorcycles is releasing their first new model under the ownership of Polaris this August.  I wrote about this earlier this year.  In particular, I discussed their marketing campaign.  If you missed it you can find the article here.  Regardless, I think they have been doing a great job of spurring interest and I can only imagine that their reveal party at Sturgis will be quite an event.

Yesterday while on cyrilhuzeblog, I noticed a new commercial from Indian called, "Bike Wash."  The title is indeed descriptive, as the commercial features a man washing his motorcycle.  The motorcycle, by coincidence I am sure, just happens to be a Harley Davidson.  Strange for a Indian commercial right?

You can watch the commercial with "On the Road Again" music here or without after the jump.

So I guess the take away from the video is, if you own a motorcycle, particularly a Harley Davidson, and you don't ride it, then Indian has a new motorcycle to collect dust in your garage.  Oh wait, that was not what I was suppose to get from that commercial?

I kid you Indian.  I thought it was very funny and even got a little chuckle out of me at the end.  At the very least, it continues the "Indian vs Harley" theme everyone seems to love.  Very clever Indian.

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